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Country located
Language 1 Mother
Language 2 or other skill
Language 3 or other skill
Talent 1 or other skill
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Empl Status (Ltd-S/E-Emp)
When avail
1MrRBUKUKEnglishMS suiteInternal AuditorLocal GovernmentSchool audits1956S/ENowLocal government assignments home based Doncaster
2MrRBUKUKEnglishSome FrenchMS suiteInternal AuditorLocal GovernmentAudit Commission1965S/ENowStaffordshire
3MissABUKUKEnglishFrenchSome SpanishInternSchoolExcel2000S/ESpasmodicMet. In last year at school. Uni from 2018. Sings in a group
4MissSCUKUKEnglishMS suiteInternUndergraduateLaw1999S/EUnknownIn UK university 17-20 studying Law
5MissCYChina HKUK HKCantoneseEnglishSome FrenchInternSchool Art2000S/ESpasmodicMet. In last year at school. Sings in a group. Uni from 2018
6MrFGUKRAINEUKUkrainianEnglishArabicComputingWebsiteMultilingual1999S/ESpasmodicMet. Studies Computer Science Eng. Built own computer
7Miss IFUKUKEnglishMS suiteLaw DesignMS Suite1996S/ESpasmodicIn last year at uni - leaves summer 2018. Sings in choir
8MrKGUKUKEnglishRussianGermanExcelOracleAccounting1994S/ESpasmodicACCA student, he seeks experience within a firm
9MrBHUKUKEnglishSome GermanMS suiteInternMS suiteMicrosoft 1997S/ESpasmodicUni studying Philosophy 2016-19. Enjoys the Arts
10Miss HKUKUKEnglishMS suitePrezi`AnalyticalPhotoshop1993S/EUnknownPoetess, Artistic
11Mr PLHK - UKUKEnglishCantoneseSpanishVirtual RealityMS Suite1996S/EVacationsIn 4th year of 4 year degree course Bus & Management
12MrJLUKUKEnglishMS suiteSportUndergraduateLeadership1999S/EUnknownMet. In 1st year at uni - don't know where- get updated CV
13MissKLUKUKEnglishSome SpanishSome LatinUK dog lawSchoolDrama2000S/ERarelySpanish is not yet fluent
14MrTLUKUKEnglishSpanishSome GermanInternUndergraduateMS Suite1998S/ERarelyIn 2nd year at Uni studying Politics and Spanish
15MrYLChinaUKMandarinEnglishMS suiteGraduateMS SuiteS/ESee noteAgreed a task for RC by 19.12.17 but no contact since
16MissSHTrinidadUKEnglishMS suiteInternUndergraduateDance1998S/ESpasmodicMet. At Uni 2016-19
17MrsAMArgentinaUKSpanishEnglishMS suiteLaw GraduateMS Suite1990S/ERarelyMet. Argentina uni graduate. Studying International Law at Uni
18MissKMUKUKEnglishMS suiteUndergraduateMS Suite1998S/EUnknownStudying Forensic Science at Uni 2017-20
19MissNMSouth AfricaSouth AfricaEnglishAfrikaansZuluAccountingGraduateInternal AuditUnknownUnknownAlso speaks siSwati, Tsonga. Accounting graduate internal auditor in RSA
20MissRMBotswanaUKSetswanaEnglishMS suiteUndergraduateMS SuiteS/ESpasmodicMet. Actuarial Science student at Uni 2017-20
21MrXNSingaporeUKChineseEnglishMS suiteUndergraduatePiano1997S/EUnknownBiomedical Science student at Uni 2016-19
22MissOONigeriaUKEnglishSome FrenchSchoolMS Suite1999S/EUnknownAt School, then uni from 2018-19 academic year- where?
23MissFPGhanaUkEnglishMS suiteInsuranceGraduateMS Suite1995S/ESpasmodicMet. MSc Actuarial Science student at Uni 2016-18 2 year course
24MrBSUKUKEnglishGermanFarsiUndergraduateCar driver1999S/ESpasmodicBelieve studying Aeronautical Engineering 2017-20
25MissBWChinaUKFujienMandarinEnglishDesignUndergraduateMS Suite1998S/ESpasmodicMet. Nickname Rebecca. Studies Architecture at Uni 2016-17
26MissJWChina HKUKCantoneseMandarinsome GermanSocial MediaSchoolAdobe2000S/EUnknownNickname Kelly. Has undisclosed illness restricting work
27MrRCUKUKEnglishFrenchICAEWRisk Audit NEDInternal AuditCompliance1956S/ESpasmodicMet. FCA Chartered accountant. Driving license. Own car. Consultant
28MissTSIndiaUKTeluguEnglishHindiInternSportsSwimming2000S/ESpasmodicAlso understands some Tamil, French and Arabic
29MissTSAntiguaUKEnglishMS suiteUndergraduateInternExcelSocial Media1998S/ESpasmodicIs producing a brochure for Investors as a project
30MrGENamibiaUKOshiwamboEnglishAfrikaansRecruiterPhotographerMS Suite1987S/ENow"There is no fortune greater than uniqueness in abundance"
31MissKSUKUKEnglishUrduMS suiteInternUndergraduate1999S/ESpasmodicMet. Studies Actuarial Science with Foundation Year
32MrJBUKUKEnglishFrenchGermanSage LineDebt MBO NEDRaise Equity NED1970S/EUnknownMSc. BA (Hons). Investment Management Certificate. Member Institute of Independent Business
33MrABItalyUK FranceItalianFrenchEnglishSpanishPortugueseAudit NED1960S/EUnknownMet. Some Mandarin. Ex IT Director.
34MrCBUKUKEnglishSerbo CroatCzechM&A NEDCEO FlotationAudit Risk1965S/EUnknownMet. Ex PwC partner. FCA Chartered accountant. Driving license. Own car. NED.
35MrJCUKUKEnglishJapaneseMS suiteNEDDebt MBORaise Equity1954S/EUnknownEx McKinsey. Harrow, Oxford. Much travelled.
36MrBCUKUKEnglishMS suiteNEDCompany SecretaryInvestmentRisk Pension1957S/EUnknownAvailable to relocate immediately. IFA.
37MrPCFUKUKEnglishDutchFrenchFlotationIPO NED RiskInfluencer1956S/EUnknownMet. BSc 1st class Electronic Eng. Due diligence. Some Afrikaans.
38MrAGDUKUKEnglishMS suiteDisaster Recovery NEDGDPR OJEUCyber securityRisk Prince 21963S/EUnknownMet. Sophisticated projects including for Government
39MrDDAustraliaUKEnglishFrenchDutchNED1960S/EUnknownMet. Lives Brussels. Dr in Bus Admin. Training Some Spanish German Italian
40MissJDUKUKEnglishLoans DebtEquity brokerPlacingMBO IFISARisk NED1959S/EUnknownRuns own company - Folk2Folk peer to peer secure lender. Audit committee
41MrRHUKUKEnglishFrenchAuditTrainLeader NEDPublic speak1961S/EUnknownRuns own company - Houston BPC Ltd from 2012. Gave us 'Organisational Change'
42MrPKIrelandUK EireEnglishSFA SEC AMLBank CISI NEDTrain BondCompliance RiskPublic speak1951S/EUnknownCharges £500 for a one hour talk. Wrote 'The Financial Crisis and White Collar Crime' 2017
43MrIIUKMonacoEnglishFrenchNEDFCCAChartered Certified AccountantIntegrity Honest1949S/EUnknownNon Executive Director of Corporate Governance Group Limited Flies aircraft and helicopters
44MrRLUKUKEnglishFrenchJapaneseArabicDigital WebNED MBA Energy1955S/EUnknownEntrepreneurial. Oil and Gas. Start up. Software. Consulting
45MrsEMUKUKEnglishUrdu?Social housingLaw AuditProperty SolicitorNED Risk Lending1972S/EUnknownChair of Nomination and Remuneration Committee. NHS. Building Society
46MrMMUKUKEnglishTrain AMLRisk ComplianceIFA ALCOPension TrusteeNED Consultant1956S/EUnknownBuilding Society. FCIB CeMAP MIOD MIOEE
47MrRNIrelandUK EireEnglishVenture capitalICT OutsourcingCyberFinTech BrexitNED Bank ICBS/EUnknownCan introduce speakers.
48MrJPCyprusUKEnglishGreekMS suiteNEDMarketing S/EUnknownMet.
49MrPRUKUKEnglishMS suiteDerivativesBank RiskEconomics NEDOptionsS/EUnknown
50MrJSUKUKEnglishComplianceRisk managementTutor NEDInsurance TrainPensions TrustS/EUnknownMet. High in IIA-UK. Wife has MS so he has taken early retirement in 2017
51MrNSUKUKEnglishAcquisition NHSSolicitor Law ITInvestorCorporate FinanceAnimation software1961S/EUnknownCommunity Interest Company
52MrRGTUKUKEnglishSoftware salesStart up SAP NEDIPO SwiftTrainS/EUnknownHires and trains and coaches sales people
53MrSWUKUKEnglishStart up SalesMarketing TrainForex optionsData ProtectionGDPR compliance1966S/EUnknownSet up and ran 3 businesses including coaching
54MrDWUKUKEnglishElecrtonicsEngineering MIEEMISMMSales Marketing NEDHNC ONC Investor1959S/EUnknownEntrepreneur. Bought and grew companies
55MrAAUKUKEnglishRisk ManagementAudit ComplianceMBA MBE AMLCorporate FinanceBusiness AdministrationS/EAskEx Army officer MOD. Global. Knowledge of energy renewables financial crime Internal Audit Accounts Procurement Bank Insurance Asia recovery projects
56MrNAPakistanUKEnglishFarsi Pashto UrduArabic MS Excel ITSales MS SuiteHardware EngineeringFinance Economics1990S/EUnknownWent to Uni in Islamabad - did he obtain degree? From Afghanistan?
57MrRBUKUKEnglishPublic sector Internal Audit MIIARisk IS SchoolsNHS EducationLocal authority SFVSThird sector HousingS/ENowAnti fraud Fraud investigation Benefits system European funding Foundation Trust Business continuity Quality audit QA Carbon reduction i-Share Powerpoint Galileo Oracle
58MrABUKUKEnglishFoundation PRINCE2Lapsed CISA CISMIT Audit IDEA ACLRisk Bank of England SCCyber Security CAATS1955S/ENowUNIX iSeries NetWare MS Exchange Solaris Linux servers Open/VMS iSeries AS400 VoIP PBX MTF SOX GDPR HFT trading system Forensic investigation
59MrsIBHungaryUKNative HungarianNative RomanianEnglishInternal audit RiskFinance AdministrationAccounts PA AnalysisS/E3 monthsSeeks perm post. Mechanical engineer Meng Knows SAGE50 Timewatch MS Suite Word Excel SAP Libra CM2000 Staffplan easyLog Quickbooks Driving license Ethics
60MissECUKUKEnglishBank ManagerInternal Auditor Trainee RiskA levelsTeam leader1990S/ENowSeeks perm post. Wishes to become an Internal Auditor [applied for our IA post]
61MrNCUKUKEnglishCorporate governanceIT Audit Risk AMLCompliance EPOSProgrammer AnalystSAP MIIA1960S/ENowFull driving license. Has limited company
62MrACUKUKEnglishChartered accountantFIIA FCA FCCA FBCSCITP FRSA PhD BAProfessor of AuditLecture1940S/ENowA worldwide authority on corporate governance
63MrBKUKUKEnglishCorporate governanceRisk managementCompliance FCAPRA ISO 27001 MiFIDBS5750 ISO 90001966S/ENowKnows PRINCE2 Business continuity BS3100 COSO COBIT TickIT TQM Agile SSADM Solvency II ICAS Basel II Sarbanes-Oxley SOX
64MrSRUKUKEnglishNGOInsuranceNot for Profit NFPBA FCA PIIA ICAEWSarbanes-Oxley1945S/ENowClean driving license
65MrRTUKUKEnglishHealth and SafetyHealth & Safety H&SCDM-PD CapexSHE CIPS CPPsChange management1948S/ENow
66MissEVBulgariaBulgariaBulgarianRussian EnglishSpanish FrenchInternal audit RiskERP SAP MS Suite SOXPentana ACL WinIdea1965S/ENoticeCertified Internal auditor CIA Certification in Control Self Assessment CCSA ISAE 3402 report